Baby Dragon 12x Multiplication Facts

Baby Dragon 12x Multiplication Facts

Category: 12x Fantasy/Fairytale Multiplication Multiplication Facts

Grades Suitable For: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

Number of Pages: 2

Present your little learners with a worksheet that is engaging, creative and fun! Students will enjoy practicing their 12x multiplication facts (12 times tables) with this cute baby dragon multiplication worksheet!

It includes a built in “I Spy” with 3 critters for children to find, as well as hidden treasures to collect for The Great WunderSparks Treasure Hunt! This worksheet also provides the opportunity for coloring, which has numerous benefits, from fostering mindfulness and a calm emotional state, to developing fine motor skills, encouraging creativity, color awareness and a sense of pride in their work.

The answer key page is included with this worksheet. It is simple to use, enabling students to check their own work after completing the worksheet. This means no more grading pile for teachers and fast feedback for students!

Teachers will love:

  • being able to easily differentiate for abilities and interests. The same design is repeated through the different sets of multiplication facts (times tables), meaning you can print the same design at different levels of difficulty to discretely differentiate for ability, or you can have the class all working on whichever set of multiplication facts they are up to but each choosing their own preferred design that matches their interests.
  • Having an easy system for independent multiplication facts practice. This can be done by simply having a folder or box available for each set of multiplication facts eg. x2, x3, x4 etc. In each folder or box you place printed worksheets of each design so that students can go to the folder/box appropriate for them and choose their preferred worksheet designs. As students will all be working on different designs, which could contain a range of different sets of multiplication facts, ability differentiation is discrete. You can also make answer key sheets available in each box/folder (or another location) so students can mark/grade their own worksheets as they finish. Once set up, this system can be used every day without prep. Just monitor the boxes or folders to top up worksheets as needed.
  • Great for an independent math learning centre. The additional coloring to complete at the end means students are actively engaged for the allocated time period, even if they finish the multiplication questions quickly. Or if using the independent system mentioned above, students can go on to their next worksheet. No need to provide an additional activity for early finishers.
  • Students can practise the multiplication facts for each set (eg. 2 times multiplication facts) as many times as needed, using different worksheet designs to retain interest as they practise the same set of multiplication facts.
  • I will keep adding new designs to the multiplication facts worksheets collection so that students have the excitement of fresh designs to choose from!
  • No grading pile! Students can check their own answers!

Parents will love:

  • You can cater to your child’s ability level and interests with the range of designs for each set of multiplication facts eg. x2, x3, x4. They can choose the designs that interest them!
  • Parents can print designs they think their child will be interested in and leave them somewhere in the house where they might organically spark their child’s interest. This way the learning practice becomes the child’s choice, rather than something forced on them.

Children will love:

  • Fun, visually interesting designs.
  • Being able to choose their own designs in line with their interests.
  • Searching for the 3 critters in the built in I Spy!
  • Searching for treasures to collect for The Great WunderSparks Treasure Hunt!
  • Coloring to bring their page to life.

Why is it helpful for students to be fluent in multiplication facts? As students navigate mathematical problems, both in real life and in a school context, automatic knowledge of multiplication facts enables them to efficiently solve calculations. In many cases, these multiplication facts are a part of more complex calculations, which students would not be able to solve without the base knowledge of these multiplication facts.

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