Printing and Downloading Tips


Printers, inks and paper sizes vary around the world. WunderSparks pdfs should print without any issues, but should you encounter a problem, these tips below may hold the answer.

  • Paper size: WunderSparks pdfs can be used with most standard paper sizes, such as A4 and US Letter size. To cater for the differing standard paper sizes around the world, it is normal for the printable part of the page to have white borders around the edge, but to still fit well within the paper. If you are having any issues with this, use “fit to page” or similar in your print settings.
  • Print As Image: Printing pdfs using the "Print As Image" option may resolve an issue as it bypasses any problems with images or fonts that Adobe can’t process for printing.
  • Print Quality: All printers and inks offer differences in quality and slight variations in color. For the best quality printing and possibly a closer color match to what you see in the file, select to print “high” quality. This does use more ink than “standard” quality though, so consider what you prefer for your purposes.

Before you print all pages in a document, it’s a good idea to print one test page first to identify any issues.

Downloading and Opening

When you click the button to download a worksheet or printable, follow the prompts your computer gives you to access the downloaded file (usually it will be in the “Files” and “Downloads” section of your computer).

When you have downloaded a pdf, it is recommended that you move it to a new folder location on your computer before trying to print.

If it is a zipped (compressed) file, you may need to “unzip” it by right clicking and selecting “unzip” or “extract all”. Then open the pdf from the unzipped folder before trying to print.

Open the pdf in the latest version of Abobe Acrobat Reader or similar (it’s free).

Make sure your pdf software is up to date.

If you are still having problems downloading, opening or printing a file, try downloading it again.

If problems persist, send me an email in the “Enquiries” section under “FAQs” and I will check the file from my end.